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Download the Competition Brief HERE.

Architecture competitions play a significant role in fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of architectural design. They provide a platform for architects, designers, and students to showcase their creativity, explore new ideas, and address complex challenges facing the built environment.

We are delighted to host an open design competition for students majoring in architecture and engineering in Cambodia. This challenge invites participants to design a future tall building in the Cambodian context. The competition seeks practical and sustainable designs featuring amenities and communal areas for mixed use, commercial, and/or multi-residential high-rise architecture. This is an opportunity to create a distinctive structure that harmoniously combines functionality and aesthetics, while proposing initiatives for the future of tall buildings in the Cambodian context.

Design the next generation of skyscrapers with a chance to win amazing prizes and impress renowned judges from EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Real Estate & Construction Committee, FUTURE Architecture, BETON Block & Pave, LAMY, and ARCHETYPE.


1. A list of all team members
2. Team structure
3. The current university course of each team member
4. Proof of enrollment of each team member.


• Participants must be current university students in Cambodia, studying in the field of architecture or engineering.
• Each team must consist of no more or no less than 2-4 participants.

Registration opens on February 10th and closes on March 2nd at 2 pm. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this groundbreaking competition!

* Students must register for the event directly to the email listed below.
No registration via universities or other third parties will be allowed.

Please register by sending an email to
Contact us for more information.

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