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Bakers Cottage is a residential project in Rural Victoria, Australia. The brief called for an extension to an existing historical stone building, with the addition of 3 bedrooms and a bathroom for a growing family.

The first step in the project was to create a clear distinction between the old and the new, whilst respecting and associating the forms together.

This was achieved by mimicking the form of the existing building. The width, height and pitch of the roof forms the outline of the new extension. The forms of the two structures are separated by a bridge/corridor and courtyard. The bridge is finished in corrugated steel, to stand as a buffer element, whilst the new building uses burnt timber as the facade to again distinguish it as a new structure.

The timber facade is raised off the ground to protect from bushfires. Additionally the material selection is coherent with the rural setting, with the use of timber and corrugated steel.

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