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The first project working privately is a masterplan for a mixed-use precinct in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for 250 affordable housing units, a commercial and retail central plaza and open-air market. The project brief called for affordable shop-top housing, using local materials and builders.

The masterplan respects the constraints in architecture and planning due to a lack of local controls and skilled labour, however proposes both a new approach to urban design and architecture.

This is achieved through the careful integration of landscaping and greenery throughout the site, creating shading and colour. Additionally, a central boulevard is created with an open-air market and community centre to mark a destination at the centre of the site, intended to engage the precinct with the broader community, further activating the street edges and local micro-economy.

The architecture itself is very simple and inexpensive, using the local construction techniques to create an addordable housing typology. Each unit is designed to maximise natural ventilation and access to natural light, but minimise heat gains.

This project has been discontinued.

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