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Kambujaya is a unique residential project in Phnom Penh’s rapidly developing area, offers easy access to National Road 1, leading directly to the city centre and future Aeon 3 development and proposed international airport.

The project’s focus from the outset was on providing residents with a superior way of life by combining Cambodian vernacular design techniques, such as passive natural ventilation and solar access, with Australian best practice design.

The project’s large private open spaces at the front, middle, and rear of each house provide functional green spaces and a strong connection to nature. Gated driveways offer ample space for secure parking. Internal courtyards, designed to offer visual aesthetics and social gathering spaces, serve multiple purposes, including natural ventilation, filling rooms facing the courtyard with natural light, and improving air quality through easy-to-maintain landscaping. Stairs and walkways wind through the covered courtyard, connecting the upper levels and drawing inspiration from traditional Cambodian architecture. Each house’s rooms have been carefully designed to provide better natural ventilation, air circulation, natural lighting, and high-quality living. The ground floor connects functional rooms, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen, with the landscaped courtyard and backyard, fostering a strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Kambujaya Residences aims to establish a new standard for boutique housing in Cambodia by rediscovering the importance of nature in design and natural lighting and ventilation techniques.

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