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multi-residential low rise

Veal Sbov Residences is a boutique residential project in a rapidly developing area of Phnom Penh. Located to the south-east of the city, the site has a close proximity to National Road 1, giving it easy access in to the center of Phnom Penh, as well as the future Aeon 3 development and proposed International Airport.

From the outset of the project the importance of creating a high quality way of life was paramount. The vision encapsulated the best aspects of Cambodian vernacular design techniques of passive natural ventilation and solar access, combined with the quality and standards of Australian best practice design. Large private open space at the front, middle and rear of the house serve to provide residents with a mix of functional green spaces and a strong connection to nature. The large gated driveways provide substantial space for secure parking.

The light filled internal courtyards serve several purposes, all intended to provide a better quality of housing. The courtyards have been designed to not only provide a visual aesthetic within each house but also to provide a social gathering space, an area for contemplation and most importantly to give better amenity to the houses. Large doors open the house to the courtyard to naturally ventilate the entire house, whilst the abundance of glazing will fill all the rooms facing the courtyard with natural light. The landscaping is intended to be easily maintained to provide the space with a natural feeling and improved air quality. Stairs and walkways wind through the covered courtyard to connect the upper levels, as external access inspired by vernacular Cambodian architecture.

The various rooms in each house have been designed diligently to provide not only better natural ventilation and air circulation, but also natural lighting and high quality living. On the ground floor, residents can look through the entire house from one end to the other. This open layout is intended to connect the residents and spaces in the functional rooms (living room, dining room and kitchen) with the landscaped courtyard and backyard, giving the sense of a strong connection between indoor and outdoor.

The development intends to set a new standard of boutique housing in Cambodia, rediscovering the importance of nature in design and of natural lighting and ventilation techniques.

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