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The masterplanned precinct for a yacht club calls for a world class destination at Cambodia’s stunning Koh Rong island.

The precinct includes a club house with accompanying bar, cafe, lounge, showers, sun deck and pool opening on to the beach and ocean. A convenience store allows visitors to isolate and switch off, whilst luxury beach and forest villas provide accomodation for both long and short term stays.

Careful consideration was given to the landscape, with built form designed to minimise the intrusion on the natural landform. Raised structures minimise the impact on the ground surface, whilst natural and locally sourced materials including bamboo, thatched roofing and local brick minimise the impact on the environment and local context.

Interior spaces have been designed to maximise the warm tropical local climate, with ceiling fans and mosquito netting replacing glass and air-conditioning, with the intention of using passive climate design such as natural ventilation to cool the spaces.

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