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The high rise multi-residential tower is located in South East Asia. standing at 310m tall, it is scheduled to be one of the tallest residential buildings in the region.

The design of the tower is intended to reflect the internal functions, with the tower split into four zones, each distinguished by a common area which breaks the sleek tower form.

The lowest zone is multi-level carparking for residents. The ground floor contains residential lobby/arrival space and carpark access. The three tower zones above the parking are for separated residential areas, each with its own distinct communal area for gym, pool, cinema and lounge area. The rooftop of the tower is topped with a fine-dining restaurant and bar for residents and guests.

The building form is designed to optimise wind flow around the building, as well as to create a gentle impression on the city skyline. The tall tower will stand out amongst its context, and should be a contemporary form of design, materiality and engineering to maximise buildability and minimise embodied energy in a climate conscious world.

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