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The project brief called for a 3-hectare site along Russian Boulevard in Phnom Penh to be activated with uses including a park, playgrounds, market areas, retail/food & beverage, and potential coworking or commercial/office space.

The masterplan creates a bustling community space with a mix of uses to keep the area active. To address the hot temperatures and seasonal rainfall, a canopy of structures and trees will shield outdoor seating, walkways, and retail spaces from the elements. The design is organized around hubs for different functions, such as market, retail, commercial, and public areas.

A shared car/pedestrian one-way road connects the hubs and facilitates circulation. The commercial office space/coworking hub is situated to the north, drawing long-term users deep into the site and activating all the spaces along the way. A central amphitheatre and retail space provide covered outdoor space for meals, events, and performances, enjoyed by both staff and the public.

Walkways and outdoor terraces are shaded by a blend of manmade and natural canopy, with trees and low-height plants defining the landscaping and creating a vibrant and energetic community garden and active site.

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